Spire Property Newsletter - April 2020


Property asset management utilizes both property management services and leasing and brokerage services to maintain and enhance the value of an investment property. 


“Through a collaboration with specialist property brokers, we as property asset managers, are able to offer a service to our clients that involves both the fiscal and the physical maintenance of the property, all while capturing a greater target tenant market,” says Gregg Huntingford.  


According to Huntingford, firms that integrate leasing and brokerage services with property management provide the owners with the resultant benefit of a comprehensive oversight of the property or portfolio of properties, that addresses all these issues. “The key is to be able to offer a comprehensive service, but be flexible enough with the help of strategic property partners, to offer specialist services as well.” 


“Regular communication between the property managers and the brokers improves the overall management of the property. As a team they work to minimize vacancies, ensure a good tenant mix in multi-tenant properties, and enhance the value of the property. Ultimately this allows for a wholesome, effective property management team that thrives with our clients in mind.”